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About Advanced Game Maker Starwing

For those with previous GameMaker experience. In this high-octane space-shooter game, children will create a game with a lone starfighter that takes on a fleet of cyberdrones in a race against time to save humanity. Children code their ship’s propulsion, guns, missiles, force fields, and an energy management system to direct power where it’s needed most. Children will also program a variety of enemies and obstacles, including fighters, bombers, asteroids, and space mines.

Schedule Details

High-octane Space-shooter Game

Min. Age : 8 yr,

Max. Age : 14 yr, 12 month

Proficiency : Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

Gender : Male, Female

Address : Baldwin Elementary 12200 Meridian Park Blvd; Austin , Texas , 78739

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Price : $ 295 per Week


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