Bassoon Studio

Bassoon Studio

Bassoon Butler School of Music University of Texas Austin, TX , 78712

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About Flute Music Lessons

While offering a spirited and challenging environment, those in the studio are encouraged to support and work closely with one another. Through concentrated study in fundamentals and interpretation, students are inspired to find their own voice.

 Each student is treated as an individual and guided through a program suited to them. There are those who are in music to play the flute and those who play the flute in order to make music. We strive to make music.

To develop musical phrasing and contour, interpretation, diversity of styles, flute skills, including tonal and technical skills, embouchure, hand position, posture and balance, breathing and a natural approach to the instrument. Community engagement and professional decorum will be addressed.

Schedule Details

Flute Classes

Start Date : 2017-09-01

End Date : 2017-12-31

Proficiency : Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

Gender : Male

Address : Robert Dedman Dr Austin , Texas , 78712

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14:00 PM - 15:30 PM


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