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About Number Reasoning Level

Kids see themselves as "math kids" when they are given the tools to make sense of the math they experience. Too many children sit all week in math classrooms that promote fragmentation of concepts or push them to learn to follow rules without thinking. the number lab offers summer and after-school sessions that will re-define what it is like to do, think about, and understand mathematics for kids in Austin, Texas.

Summer Sessions
Number Reasoning Level 1
Target age: 2nd and 3rd graders                          June 13-16 + June 20-23            

Sessions run Monday-Thursday, for 2 weeks  10:00-12:00

The Number Lab's unique curriculum is called Number Reasoning. The Number Reasoning summer session presents an 8-day survey of the curriculum in which students work to develop a firm understanding of several foundational big ideas that lead to efficient computation, strong mental math, and algebraic thinking.  

In Level 1, students construct an understanding of number through the multiplicative identity property, simplify mathematical expressions with an understanding of terms, & leverage the multiplicative properties of commuting and associating to develop sophisticated computing strategies.  

Please contact us at if you need more information on whether this is the right class for your child or if you are interested in registering your child and he/she falls outside of the targeted age range.

Cost:  $450

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