Best In Class Education Center

Best In Class Education Center

13376 Research Blvd, Ste 127 Austin, TX 78750 , 78750

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About SATACT Prep

These courses are designed to give students a competitive advantage over their fellow college applicants and a greater chance of acceptance to the college of their choice.

Test-taking strategies are introduced to students throughout the course, equipping them with test savvy such as the ability to identify clue, trigger identifier words, read efficiently under time constraints and much more.

With a variety of different activities – including review and discussion of test techniques, practical concept applications and a series of practice questions – Best in Class students become familiar with the different concepts they will be presented with and are able to think critically about how to effectively approach the questions.

Classes can be taken in a private-lesson format (one-on-one or with two students per instructor) or in a group-lesson format with 6 to 10 students.

Schedule Details

Beginners In Class

Min. Age : 3 yr,

Max. Age : 5 yr,

Proficiency : Beginner

Gender : Male, Female

Address : 13376 Research Blvd,Ste 127 Austin , Texas , 78750

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