Iquest Global Enrichment Center

Iquest Global Enrichment Center

IQUEST GLOBAL ENRICHMENT CENTER, 5145 Ranch Road 620 North, Suite G-130 Austin, Texas 78732 , 78732

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About Tuition

We charge tuition monthly on a per class/session basis. Tuition is payable at the beginning of the month and calculated as the per-class fee multiplied by the number of classes in the month.  Regular classes are approx. 55 minutes in duration. Extended 85-90 minute classes can also be scheduled at a 50% higher fee than a per hour class fee.  Most of our classes are offered as group classes, requiring a minimum of 3 students, with the base fee per student being $35 per group class ($140 per 4 Wk).  Each class can also be taken as a semi-private class @ $40 per class or as a private class @$50 per class.  Group classes that do not make (i.e., do not have the required 3 students) can, with parents approval, be converted into and billed as a semi-private class or private class.  Published group classes will only be converted to a higher cost class following the receipt of express authorization from the parents.  

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